Big ole heartfelt thank you to 3rd Outing for the genuine, honest, and open interest in music. So honored have their review of our latest release and to be a part of their community!



Our first EP. We hope you all can relate to it, be inspired or soothed by it, or just zone out with the windows down to it. Much love from atop Honey Hill.

ThiS IS Us.

With roots stemming from New England to North Carolina to Norway, Honey Hill finds it's musical base within a potion of hearty folk, pop, and punk influences.  A blend of banjo, guitars, keys and vocal harmonies with the intention of lyrics at the forefront. Helene, Karl, and Justin have been singer-songwriters in their own domains long before the group came together and bonded over the beauty of cadence, melody, and the craft of original songwriting. With some brave performances under their belt in NYC and the surrounding New England area, the group is part of a hopeful rise of the folk spirit within young artists. Honey Hill offers their confessions, self-reflections, and professions of love to every audience they find, always leaving traces of sweetness.


KARL LUCAS      | Vocals, Guitar, Banjo                                                                       JUSTIN BELLUCCI | Vocals, Guitar, Keys                                                                         HELENE BRUNAES  | Vocals, Guitar                                                                               BENJI SPRECHER  | Bass                                                                                             EVAN TOSI       | Drums





Want us to play in your bar, hall, stadium, basement, living room, or cave? Or do you just want to hang out? Or do you want us to be in your next movie? Do you want us to buy you ice cream? Just shoot us an e-mail!